Mariampur Sr. Sec. School

Our Foundress

School Anthem

The School Anthem reflects the values and virtues which are the ground on which the school imparts the education to its pupils. The school anthem inspires the students and the guidance of Almighty. It motivates the students to fight against all odds and emerge victorious even in the hardest situations. The school anthem is sung everyday to enhance the sense of dedication and belongings towards ones Alma Mater. Hence, it creates a sense of loyalty and devotion in the minds of the students.

The term anthem means a song of celebration. or, a composition. usually acting as a symbol for a distinct group of people.

The school anthem of Mariampur begins with the following notes.

Hark ! now we sing,
Of Mariampur, the school that we love,
For it's here that we learn to uphold the right,
Seeking light, seeking help from above.

Chorus : Strive might and main,
Let the odds be what they will,
We shall conquer all trials great and small,
Onwards girls, we must climb the hill,
March ! Falter not.
Though the way be weary and long,
All the toil and strife, face we bravely, now
Firm in faith, bold of heart and strong.
It mark the devotion, love, loyalty of the students to the school.
The promise to God that whatever may be the trails and difficulties we face we will bodily climb the ladder of progress.