Mariampur Sr. Sec. School

Our Foundress

School Pupil Leader's Message

2019 - 2020

   SUKRITI SHUKLA (Head girl)
Class- XII-Science

As we move ahead, we stand closer to a world full of competition. Where everybody wants to be someone, trying to push others down. This mindset of people has transformed the beautiful worlds of owes into a battlefield. Where everyone wants to be a winner.

The need of the hour is to work together as a team in order to bring about a change in our society which is full of people driven by selfish motive. We need to spread the message of peace to every possible person we can, in order to hope for a better future. We need to work together in order to achieve the common goals of success and unit.

As, United we stand, Divided we fall. At last, to all my worthy school mates, I would like to say that, make sure when you are out from the school premises, you are as bright as a star which not only shines itself but also spreads it’s light in order to make the sky look brighter.

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